• 20-06-2016

Jara Coming Soon

The promotion of Ajara as a world class ecological hotspot and eco-tourism destination is soon set for a massive bo...

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  • 13-06-2016

Road to Success

Finally after years of waiting punctuated by the protests of desperate rural inhabitants who have at times blocked it to...

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  • 07-06-2016

Bees in Town

4 Beehives and their inhabitants from the high mountains of Ajara started their new life on the terrace of one of the la...

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  • 06-06-2016

Women’s Rooms in Ajara

Khelvachauri Women’s Room is taking its first steps in helping women access public resources voice their opinions and pa...

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  • 01-06-2016

Cheese Factory in Khulo

The first Cheese Factory in Ajara, Natural Produktsia Ltd was officially opened in Dioknisi, Khulo Municipalit...

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  • 20-05-2016

First Trials Runs of Rustavi and Marneul...

Djakhangir Abasov, 2500 sheep owner from Sagarejo municipality: “It is very good and almost unbelievable that we’ll bath...

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  • 22-04-2016

Agricultural Shorts Take Off

Over the last 18 months, programme client Agricultural video producer Mosavali has been developing technical v...

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  • 13-04-2016

ALCP Experience Sharing at Global Semina...

The participation of Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme at DCED Global Seminar was highly appreciated and named within...

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  • 09-03-2016

ALCP Wins in Photo Competition

ALCP photo won in the photo competition on Private Sector Development announced by DCED. Photo is taken i...

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  • 18-12-2015

Animal Movement Milestone

After months of intensive construction work and four and a half years of multi-stakeholder advocacy the first Bio Securi...

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  • 30-11-2015

Vet Story

Posted by Helen Bradbury: Team Leader, Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme ALCP has been featured on BEAM...

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  • 27-11-2015


Last week, NFA officials met with 19 private sector representatives from dairy and meat sectors in Akhaltsikhe, continui...

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