• 08 06 2024

Climate Adapted Extension Starts Roll Out

A comprehensive new training manual has been unveiled for use in the Rural Development Agency’s (RDA) Information Consultation Centre’s (ICC’s) agricultural extension, to help combat the challenges posed by climate change for livestock farmers producing milk and meat in Georgia,

This invaluable resource equips extension specialists with the knowledge and tools necessary to train dairy and meat farmers to adapt to climate change. Focusing on how to deal with with heat stress, cold stress, the diseases becoming more pervasive and how to maximize feed production and quality.

Momavlis Fermeri, an NGO  dedicated to agricultural extension, facilitated by the ALCP2, has coordinated the development of the manual and its roll out through the RDA, with trainings for twelve 1CC extension specialists and training for farmers now underway  The manual was  authored by Nato Peradze, a renowned veterinarian and Head of the Farmer Programme and Nika Japiashvili, Head of the Crop Production Programme, at the Swiss Agricultural School Caucasus alongside livestock and development specialists from the ALCP2 programme. 

Countering the Impact of Climate Change on Livestock Production in Georgia is now available in the online library of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture (MEPA).

The ALCP2 implemented by Mercy Corps Georgia, is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) in cooperation with the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and Sweden.