• 18 02 2015

Women’s Room facilitated the opening of Kindergarten in Boslebi Village

A kindergarten was opened on February 17th in Boslebi Village, Dmanisi municipality as a result of facilitation by the Dmanisi Women’s Room. The Kindergarten will serve 30 children not only Georgians from Boslebi Village but also from neighbor Kakliani Village which is mainly inhabited by Azeris.  Four local women will be employed there. 

In summer 2014 the Dmanisi Women’s Room was invited by Care International to apply to them to fund the construction of kindergarten under the framework of announced grant competition. Together with Care the opening of Kindergarten has been supported by the local government of Dmanisi municipality, which provided the funds for purchasing all necessary facilities for the kindergarten.

The Women’s Rooms representatives regularly arrange meeting in the villages of Kvemo Kartli to study the needs of local women and the issues they are facing in their everyday life. They take notes and not only try to convey the women’s voices to the local government but also to search for opportunities to improve the livelihood of the rural population. Kindergartens are the need most often expressed by rural women allowing them time for engaging in other activities and for the education of their children. The Women’s Rooms representatives try to facilitate making this service available for more women in the region and give chance to their children to get pre-school education.