• 30 07 2015

The NFA Meetings with Honey and Meat Sector Representatives

The National Food Agency representatives met with entrepreneurs of honey and meat sectors in Kvemo Kartli and Ajara regions in July. The aim of the meetings was to inform local producers on the regulations and required standards for the quality production of meat and honey products in accordance with FS&H standards.

As a result of the meetings 37 local Meat Producers and 20 Beekeepers received detailed information on the main issues that concerns business-operators: Georgian legislation regarding FS&H standards, traceability and HACCP,  standards for slaughterhouses, meat shops and storage facilities, livestock identification and registration, the importance of form #2, quality control standards on honey production, labeling standards, laboratory examination of the products, control over pesticides and herbicides etc. The upcoming amendments in Georgian legislation related to the meat industry was also the subject of the discussion.

The meetings were supported by the regional and central NFA representatives, as well as by Beekeeper’s Association of Georgia.