• 16 09 2015

The First Women’s Room in Ajara

Following work in KK and SJ  the Women’s Room model is being replicated in Ajara region, where Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is proving an invaluable partner by opening the first Women’s Room at the Association of Business Women of Ajara (ABWA).

The “Women’s Room” will open up opportunities for the ABWA in terms of coordinating activities, trainings, advocacy raising meetings and information sharing. All these will contribute into stimulating women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment and attracting more women members to the association. A key focus will be on extending links to rural municipalities and rural women. Through close cooperation with all five municipalities of Ajara, it will serve and provide rural women with a number of services and help them to open, develop or improve their businesses. Female farmers will be informed about local governmental municipal services and programmes, and be able to access trainings on important issues such as food safety and hygiene, beekeeping, livestock husbandry and rural tourism. This initiative is of high importance since it links the rural municipalities to urban resources, market and opportunities and serves as an example for the municipalities who have now decided to support this initiative and open Women’s Rooms locally.