• 09 08 2013

Gender Integration Moves One Step Further

Following on from the meeting with Shorena Bziava on May 21st in Kutaisi, Alliances KK met with Davit Narmania, the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia. The main purpose of the meeting was introducing the Minister with Women’s Room, a new municipal service in Dmanisi, Tetritskaro and Tsalka municipalities, facilitated by the Alliances KK programme.  Mr. David was informed about the main idea of WR and the services offered there. The information about the activities, the events carried out and the number of visitors since the establishment of WRs – were also overviewed. GENDER GUIDELINS for VILLAGE REPS with flyers of Women’s Room and Newsletter were presented and discussed.

 Davit Narmania is the only minister from nineteen who has an advisor on Gender issues in ministry’s staff, so he had shown the great interest in supporting the Women’s Rooms for scaling up this new municipal service to the national level.

Davit Narmania: “Based on an official letter on behalf of your programme the ministry could be prepare recommendation for all 65 municipalities countrywide, advising self-governments to have a particular employer who works specifically on Gender issue.”

At this time the Ministry works on a new law on Self-Government. Mr. Davit Narmania also expressed his readiness to consider a new amendment in this draft law which will indicate the linkage with the Law on Gender Equality 2010. Consequently having a specific stuff member on Gender issues will be guaranteed not only by MRDI’s recommendations, but regulated by the law.

In September, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia David Narmania and Alliances KK Programme Director Helen Bradbury will meet to discuss further steps of cooperation.