• 03 02 2015

Enhancing Agricultural Journalism in Georgia

For the first time in Georgia a training on agro journalism was conducted for media representatives wishing to report specifically on rural issues and news. The main purpose of the training was to fill knowledge gaps of media practitioners in crops, livestock husbandry and agriculture management and to introduce the basics of agro journalism. Heather Briggs, an international expert and member of British Guild of Agricultural Journalists - was invited to lead a 5 day training from January 26th to February 2nd. About 50 representatives of regional, national broadcasters and printed media participated in the event. The training was organized by the Georgian Regional Media Association and facilitated by the Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme.

The Minister of Agriculture Mr. Otar Danelia was also invited to the event to introduce the strategic priorities of agriculture development, future plans of the ministry, the new regulations and to answer the questions of media representatives who participated in the training.

“The involvement of regional media is pivotal for successful implementation of the state projects and for keeping the Georgian population appropriately informed. It is necessary to deliver proper, timely information about the existing situation and ongoing processes in agriculture to the population of the regions”- Mr. Danelia stated.

Together with Mrs. Briggs, the local experts in Food Safety & Hygiene and in the Veterinary Sector - Ekaterine Burkadze and Rusudan Gigashvili also shared the information during the training on Food Safety & Hygiene, Veterinary, Animal Disease and on EU regulations related it these topics. After the completion of the training, the guideline will be prepared and published briefing the main principles on how to report on agricultural issues. Future activities will also include the development of agro journalism module for agro journalism degrees.