• 06 08 2014

Dry Summer of 2014 in Kvemo Kartli

Drought is one of the critical disaster issues being typical for Kvemo Kartli and significantly harming agricultural sector in the region. Severe drought that occurred in this area in July-August, 2014 has negatively affected livestock husbandry which resulted with the reduced milk yield, hay production and deteriorated pastures in Kvemo Kartli. These factors have rapidly impacted on raw milk and dairy product prices as well:


As climate conditions are among the main determinants of hay harvest, this summer has not been conducive for hay making. According to the information provided by Ednar Antadze (livestock nutrition service provider) if in average the number of bales harvested per ha is - 150, because of severe drought this year farmers managed to get only about 120 bales per ha. Despite the increased demand, the prices on hay have not yet changed and remain 5-6 GEL per bale – same as last summer.

Baqar Papashvili, the Head of Agriculture Development Unit of Tetritskaro Municipality: “Severe drought has brought a huge loss to the farmers in our municipality. In July and August there was not even a single rain drop. There are 7 villages in Tetritskaro, where farmers have 100 % loss of their harvest. Not only annual but even perennial crops were also damaged. Dry weather has an extremely negative effect on pasturelands and hay lands”.