• 24 08 2015

Buzz on Batumi Boulevard

Locals, interested parties including the Minister of Agriculture of Ajara and tourists, in the height of the Batumi summer run enjoyed a new addition to the summer time calendar of events with the first Ajara Honey Festival on August 22nd on Batumi Boulevard. The festival was organized by The Beekeepers Association of Ajara, an entity belonging to the Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ajara is a major producer of honey in Georgia and the programme has completed a sector survey and commenced numerous interventions. The festival was a first step in promoting Ajara as a producer of high quality honey and developing a cohesive image of honey production in the region. Beekeeping in Ajara has been practiced for centuries and still includes the capturing of wild swarms and cultivating of honey in logs known as ‘Jara’.

The one day festival had something for everyone.

59 beekeepers set up tables and tents to sell and to introduce their local area and the unique qualities of their honey, helped by a Honey Gorges in Georgia, map and posters packed with info on everything to do with bee keeping and its by-products.  Baklava and cocktails made with local honey sold quickly and beeswax sculptures, handicrafts were on show. Traditional “Jara” and “Kodana” beehives were exhibited side by side with modern beekeeping equipment, live folk performances, kids’ arts and entertainment and face masks and honey massage all led to an interactive festive feel. Eco tours in Ajara were advertised and pre-production photographs of Eco Film’s’ next year’s documentary film, Jara exhibited. The Batumi Botanical Garden’s display of bee attracting plants in Ajara topped off the celebratory atmosphere.