• 18 11 2015

Bio Security Points - Coming Soon

Construction of the two Bio Security Points (BSP) on the Animal Movement Routes in Marneuli and Rustavi is now on a final stage.

Each 2000 square meters point is already concreted and fenced and the sheep dips and cattle showers are ready and the site office in place. The 50 ton galvanized water Tanks imported from the UK are installed. For both points the NFA will hire staff including a veterinarian.

Currently the workers are arranging quarantine zones, storage buildings for disinfection facilities and constructing water points for sheep and cattle on both sites.

By spring 2016 when hundreds of thousands of sheep and cattle are once again on the move they will go through disinfection procedures in the compliant Bio Security Points, which in controlling disease will be a major step forward in laying the foundation for the entry of Georgian livestock products to the EU.