• 06 10 2015

Advent of Agro-Journalism

For the first time in Georgia 6 universities will soon offer specialized courses on agricultural journalism.

The universities in Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori, Telavi, Akhaltcikhe and Caucasus International Universities in Tbilisi who already offer academic programmes on journalism, mass communications and agricultural education will now add agro journalism. The course prospective tutors have just had Training of Trainers for two days.

Follow the link of Imedi TV news on the event http://imedi.ge

Head of the Department of Journalism Caucasus International University in Tbilisi Nino Chalaganidze stated:

“Journalism departments have talked about developing sector specific journalism leading to the creation of qualified media professionals for years. The Journalist Resource Centre (JRC) and Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters (GRMA) have now started the development of agro journalism facilitated by Mercy Corps ALCP programme funded by SDC. Today we had a discussion regarding the integration of a new agro-journalism module and amendments in the electronic manuals and curricula. The CIU Journalism Program has positively assessed the work done”-she said

The new course will last one semester with a total 15 credit hours. The first to start the course will be Gori’s State University which will start from February. The others will start from September, 2016.