• 04 04 2014

A documentary about the Tradition of Transhumance in Georgia

The Road – a beautifully shot documentary capturing the reality and dichotomies of the people who use the ancient transhumance route; the lifeline of livestock in Georgia

The Eco Films LTD film The Road premiered on April 4, 2014 in the assembly hall of Tbilisi State University. The film commissioned by Alliances Kvemo Kartli - a Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency project implemented by Mercy Corps Georgia - depicts the transhumance route from the Kakheti winter pastures to Samtskhe-Javakheti summer highland pastures through Kvemo Kartli region. The documentary shows the traditional cultural context of Georgian sheep farming following one  sheep farmer, shepherds and herds along the route  it shows  the socio-economic importance of this seasonal movement of  sheep  and its realities and  problems within the context of modern Georgia whilst showcasing the diversified nature and beautiful landscape of Georgia.

Creating a film on shepherds’ lives in Georgia is timely as development of agriculture was declared to be the priority of the Georgian Government this year. The film contains important messages for people who are interested to support the growth of sheep farming in Georgia.

“The Georgian regional and central governments are actively involved in regulation of Animal Movement Route’s infrastructure. This film will serve to enhance interest on this issue and I hope the tough life of shepherds, which is shown in the film, will be improved very soon,” – stated the Governor of Kvemo Kartli Region George Mgebrishvili after the premiere. 

Almost 200 people attended ‘The Road’ premiere which triggered great interest among people from various fields: film industry, agriculture development, government, educational field and etc.

“The film is very realistic and truthful. I had the feeling that I was there too. It shows all the problems and at the same time is beautiful. We would like to show this film to our students and are also ready to finance our 4th grade students’ study practice in nomadic sheep farming this summer,” – said Teo Urushadze, the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Natural Sciences of Georgian Agrarian University.

The new documentary was highly appreciated by the audience and Eco Films intend to promote their film, on National and International levels. The screening of The Road is already planned in the Georgian Parliament in Kutaisi initiated and supported by the Head of the Agrarian Committee Mr. Gigla Agulashvili.