• 27 06 2023

The Sweetest Summer Festival in Tbilisi

To celebrate Georgia's diverse honey production, the unity and success of Georgian beekeepers, and the recent achievements of Georgian honey sector, the Georgian Beekeepers Union (GBU) with the Tbilisi City Hall launched a new Tbilisi Honey Festival marking the beginning of a tradition that will continue to be held every year from now on.

The event, which took place on June 24th-25th, saw the participation of about forty beekeepers, honey producers and beekeeping associations from all regions of Georgia, showcasing their unique honey varieties.

This festival attracted a large number of visitors, including locals and tourists, who flocked to the exhibition to experience Georgia's honey production. From the delicate floral notes of alpine honey to the robust and aromatic chestnut honey, visitors had the opportunity to sample exquisite flavors that captured the Georgia's diverse landscapes. The festival also featured honey cosmetics, beekeeping inputs, natural health and garden products and traditional and climate-adapted beehives; botanical garden and nursery displayed their honey plants.

'The ministry is committed to supporting the development of the agricultural sectors, encompassing both programmatic initiatives and marketing strategies. The Honey Festival plays a crucial role in promoting the field and raising awareness of Georgian honey within the local market.' – stated Tengiz Nasaridze, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MEPA), who opened the ceremony along with Davit Tsitlidze, the Director of Rural Development Agency (RDA).

The second day of the festival featured a special awards ceremony where winning companies were honored in five categories: the Best Honey 2023, the Original Branding, the Best Branding, the Best Beeswax Figures, the Best Branding, the Best Exhibition Stall.

Since its establishment in Batumi in 2015, the honey festival has enjoyed a remarkable journey of expansion, taking place in various forms and locations. This widespread presence has contributed to its increasing popularity and engagement from honey enthusiasts, as well as state and private entities across the nation. The festival serves as a platform to promote Georgia's thriving beekeeping industry, highlighting the diversity, scale, and successes of the Georgian Honey sector achieved over the last seven years. The upcoming festival is scheduled to take place in Batumi on August 19-20 this year, continuing the legacy of this beloved event.

The Georgian Beekeepers Union (GBU) organized this year’s festival with a support from the Tbilisi City Hall and the facilitation of the Mercy Corps Georgia implemented ALCP2 programme, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in cooperation with the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and Sweden.