• 27 10 2023

Sharing inspires Georgian Milk Mark Members

The Georgian Milk Mark (GMM) dairy Teleti Dairy Products hosted the Georgian Milk Mark Federation (GMMF) member dairies on October 26th, 2023,  to share experience in milk processing, and cheese-making technology, and to strengthen the working relationship between the dairies.

The host factory representatives explained and showed to the GMMF dairies the whole circle of production starting from milk collection at the farmer level; milk reception, laboratory testing, pasteurization, cheese curd processing, cheese making, compliant storing, packaging and sales. The process of observing, discussing and sharing all aspects of cheese making was very interesting and exciting for the dairy owners and personnel.

‘It was the best day! I am very glad with this study tour; I came here with my pen and notebook to make notes about milk processing and cheese making. We, dairy producers, need such kind of meetings even more often to listen to each other, share our experience in cheese-making techniques, and listen to important tips on cheese making, to produce quality cheese.’ Leanka Ltd (Kakheti)

‘I am a beginner in cheese making. I am producing small amounts of cheese from raw milk and planning to apply for the GMM as soon as the factory will be functional. It is my first time here as a producer. I have learned everything by myself watching different YouTube channels and learning from neighbors and other local producers, and how to process milk and how to produce cheese. Today I learned how to do the compliant pasteurizing process of milk and make cheese. Inga Papunashvili (Kakheti)

Created in 2019, twenty-two dairies are currently using the mark and twelve are in the application process. GMM cheese is now available in twenty-four mainstream supermarket chains across Georgia. Information about each enterprise is uploaded on the www.georgianmilk.ge website, which allows consumers to look up the products they are buying using a unique registration number printed on the label.