• 27 05 2024

Reviving Tradition: Akhmeta Women Enhance Silkworm Farming Skills

Up to twenty pioneering silkworm farmer women from Akhmeta attended a training session at the Akhmeta Municipality Women's Room, provided by scientists from the Sericulture Laboratory of the Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture.

“Enhancing our silkworm farming skills is very important for us. We remember how our families used to rear silkworms, but of course, that is not enough and we need to refresh our knowledge,” said the women, who are currently busy growing silkworms at their homes under the supervision of a local sericulture agronomist.

The Mayor of Akhmeta Municipality welcomed the women and guests warmly. “I remember my family members growing silkworms during my childhood and am happy to support the comeback of silkworm farming in Akhmeta as an additional seasonal source of income for rural people,” he said. After the training session, the sericulture specialists answered questions and visited the families in Zemo Alvani Village. "I am excited, the silkworms are in excellent condition, which gives me confidence that the silk cocoons produced will be of high quality," stated Nargiz Baramidze, Head of the Silk Laboratory.

The ALCP2 is facilitating the revival of silk cocoon farming in Akhmeta. Eleven families and a local school started rearing silkworms at the beginning of May and expect to produce up to one hundred kilograms of silk cocoons by mid-June.

The ALCP2 implemented by Mercy Corps Georgia, is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) in cooperation with the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and Sweden.