• 01 06 2024

Japanese Style for Jara Honey in London

MYM International, the Japanese importer of Jara honey, has developed a new design for the label of their cold-pressed Jara honey, which will be named Jara Honey Noble.  The company which has imported Jara Wild Honey since 2021 has decided to compete in both quality and design categories at the London International Honey Awards 2024. The next batch of Jara honey will be bottled in 100 and 300 g glass jars and in honey sticks, a popular packaging form in Japan.

MYM International continues to invest in promoting Jara honey in Japan, and following the creation of the Jara website (www.jarahoney.jp) Jara honey was featured in the Diners Club (credit card) membership magazine this spring.

The Alliances programme started facilitating the revival of traditional Jara beekeeping in 2014 and created the Jara Beekeepers Association (JBA) in 2018. Since then, the programme has been supporting the promotion of Jara honey, resulting in the now steady annual export of one tonne of Bio certified Jara honey to Japan since 2021. Jara honey was the first bio certified honey in Georgia in 2020 and the programme continues to facilitate the Jara Beekeepers Association to maintain its Bio certification now as a group certification which is more cost effective but extremely stringent, giving a further marketing edge and prestige to Georgia’s flagship wild honey.

The ALCP2 implemented by Mercy Corps Georgia, is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) in cooperation with the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and Sweden.