• 22 10 2023

Georgian Milk Mark Dairies at Autumn Festivals

Georgian Milk Mark (GMM) Dairies were part of two agricultural festivals held during sunny days of October, hosting tourists and visitors from different regions of Georgia.

At the Cheese Promo Day held on October 21st, 2023 in Alaverdi Blu, Kakheti, GMM dairy Akhmetis Nobati showcased its products introducing Sulguni and Imeruli cheese (with different tastes and designs). Promoting raw milk dairy products and facilitating linkages between producers and consumers were the main goals of the event organized by the Bridge-Innovation & Development.

It has become a tradition for the Georgian Milk Mark dairies to participate in the annual Cattle Expo 2023 organized by Land O`Lakes Venture37 SQIL Project, which was held in Lisi, Hippodrome, Tbilisi. On October 22nd, 2023, four GMM dairies Milkeni, Gandza Milk, Cheese Hut and Veliani Cheese who recently applied for the GMM) presented their products. Visitors tasted their cheese and learned about the Mark.

‘I was very glad to discover the GMM quality mark, from now on I will try to buy dairy products only with this mark, as I will be sure that it is made from raw milk it will help me to make an informed decision easily’ stated a visitor on Expo 2023.

Created in 2019, twenty-two dairies are currently using the mark and twelve are in the application process. GMM cheese is now available in twenty-four mainstream supermarket chains across Georgia. Information about each enterprise is uploaded on the www.georgianmilk.ge website, which allows consumers to look up the products they are buying using a unique registration number printed on the label.

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