• 29 10 2022

Cattle Expo 2022

The livestock annual exhibition - Cattle Expo 2022 was held on 29 October, 2022 in Tbilisi, near Lisi Lake. The event was aiming to inspire action and connect various stakeholders involved in dairy and beef sectors in Georgia. The ALCP facilitated Georgian Milk Mark dairies were invited to promote their products at the exhibition. The Guests had the opportunity to taste different types of cheese made from natural raw milk produced by four GMM enterprises: Tsipora Ltd, Leanka Ltd, Alpuri Javakheti Ltd and Naturaluri Rdzis Gemo Ltd. The Business Institute of Georgia (BIG), who manages the Georgian Milk Mark, also joined the event to introduce information on GMM to the interested parties and raise awareness of consumers on the advantages of GMM dairies. The programme facilitated inputs supplier and exporter Marmot Machinery Ltd and veterinary input supplier – Roki Ltd, were also presenting their products to the visitors.

Cattle Expo 2022 was organized by the Safety and Quality Investment in Livestock (SQIL) Project in partnership with the Georgian Livestock Breeding Association and the Swiss Agrarian School Caucasus. The Cattle Expo 2022 was attended by the representatives of relevant Ministries and public agencies, donor and development organizations, food industry associations, media, other industry stakeholders.