• 14 06 2023

Building Regional Linkages for Lori production

Forest-reared pigs are a key component of traditional Lori production. The Kakhetian breed is a breed specifically adapted to foraging in the forest.  In traditional Lori production pigs forage in the forest for acorns, nuts, fruits and greens and this feeding and movement as they forage, means that the fat is well distributed throughout the meat and has an incomparable taste.

A study tour for Rachuli Lori producers to Kakheti pig farmers who have forest-reared pigs and piglets of the Kakhetian breed was facilitated by the ALCP2 on June 8th-9th 2023 to build linkages between them. These linkages will help the Lori producers to purchase the authentic breed for forest rearing.  

‘By working on the specifications of Rachuli Lori production and creating an initiative group to preserve the artisan production of Rachuli Lori, the ALCP2 is doing the work of the century and be sure of our support and involvement in this process at every stage. We highly appreciate and understand that Traditional Rachuli Lori production with labeling and packaging will survive against counterfeit Lori made using imported frozen pork’ – stated a Lori producer from Racha.

The Lori producers were delighted by the tour, a growing isolation amongst producers as the requirements of more formal market outlets and food safety and hygiene regulations have grown in recent years have meant a declining sense of legitimacy and image.  Meeting producers in Kakheti and creating linkages with each other and others outside the region is fueling a renewed sense of purpose.

During the tour, Lori producers also visited a Kakhuri Vichina (bacon/ham) producer in Kvemo Alvani village, Akhmeta municipality, where they discussed the different techniques for making Lori and Vichina and differences and similarities in a taste and markets.   

The study tour was facilitated by the ALCP2 funded by a consortium of donors: the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) project in cooperation with the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and Sweden. The programme will continue working with Lori Producers to support the production of compliant Lori as a sustainable rural livelihood for the region.