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Place to BEE: Honey Festival 2016
Batumi Boulevard is still buzzing from this summer’s sweetest festival, Honey Festival 2016. Organized for the second time by the Ajara Beekeepers Business Association on 13th of August. Last year’s debut festival was so impressive that this year’s festival had the support of governmental bodies Agroservice Center and the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Ajara, who wanted to contribute to the festival and promote local honey production. Thus the festival was larger in scale this time, with  activities taking place over two days, starting in  Batumi Boulevard and closing in Gonio Fortress on 16th of August. 24 beekeepers, representing Ajara and the Western Georgia region, were brought together and exhibited and sold their honey and by-products offering free taste testing for visitors. Information and interesting facts about beekeeping and honey modern beekeeping equipment, souvenirs, traditional beehives, original wax figures and honey cakes were all on show.  Honey themed entertainment activities for all ages, including face-painting, games, drummers’ show; live music from DJ, jazz and rock bands were laid on. The Chairman of the Government of Ajara, the Minister of Agriculture of Ajara, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Ajara; representatives from the Swiss Cooperation Office, the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara and regional NFA attended the event.
Information for Farmers
Informational leaflets on Animal Identification-Registration were distributed to the farmers of Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Ajara regions by NFA representatives. These leaflets will serve to increase awareness of the compulsory EU regulation for preventing animal diseases, ensuring the health of animals and traceability that contributes to safe selling of meat, protecting consumers` rights and Georgia’s image as a country of high export potential.  The NFA has also been providing vaccination for Foot and Mouth and blood tests for Brucellosis on the site. According to the latest data, 1 939 674 livestock and 140 466 small ruminants have been identified, and in total 994 058 animals have been registered. The Animal Identification-Registration project is being implemented throughout the country by the National Food Agency (NFA) and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation  (SDC) funded Alliances Lesser Caucasus Programme (ALCP) implemented by Mercy Corps Georgia.  Photo Source: National Food Agency 
Jara Coming Soon
The promotion of Ajara as a world class ecological hotspot and eco-tourism destination is soon set for a massive boost. Filming on the ALCP facilitated Eco Films production ‘Jara’, a 52 minutes, a half-wildlife, half-human story observational documentary about mountains of one specific region of Republic of Georgia – Ajara, is nearly complete and the production to bring together the material is now ongoing. The film has brought together various conservation stakeholders World Wildlife Fund Georgia, Caucasus Nature Fund, Eco Tours Georgia, Environmental Association Psovi, to produce what will be a stunning showcase of the beauty, nature and unique livelihoods of the rural inhabitants of Ajara. The programme has already worked with EcoTours Ltd on developing Ajara as a destination for rural tourism based on nature and people.  View their promotional video here and visit their website where they offer tailor-made tours to help you unlock the beauty of the region. Source of Photos: Jara Documentary Film