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Jara Trailer
The official trailer has been released for Jara. More information available here.
Smoked Sulguni in the Big Apple
The dream of many pop brands is to ‘make it in America’. Tsalka producer Tsezari Cheese Company, has started to do just that. Sun Breath Corps a Georgian distribution company based in New York contacted Tsezari through contacts related to the programme to export the cheese. Beginning in June1,200 kgs of Smoked Sulguni has so far been exported to New York, US.  Tsezari who is HACCP certified and has been a main supplier of Sulguni  cheese to the Carrefour chain in Georgia for over two years, can guarantee quality and a regular supply which is vital for successful export.
Place to BEE: Honey Festival 2016
Batumi Boulevard is still buzzing from this summer’s sweetest festival, Honey Festival 2016. Organized for the second time by the Ajara Beekeepers Business Association on 13th of August. Last year’s debut festival was so impressive that this year’s festival had the support of governmental bodies Agroservice Center and the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Ajara, who wanted to contribute to the festival and promote local honey production. Thus the festival was larger in scale this time, with  activities taking place over two days, starting in  Batumi Boulevard and closing in Gonio Fortress on 16th of August. 24 beekeepers, representing Ajara and the Western Georgia region, were brought together and exhibited and sold their honey and by-products offering free taste testing for visitors. Information and interesting facts about beekeeping and honey modern beekeeping equipment, souvenirs, traditional beehives, original wax figures and honey cakes were all on show.  Honey themed entertainment activities for all ages, including face-painting, games, drummers’ show; live music from DJ, jazz and rock bands were laid on. The Chairman of the Government of Ajara, the Minister of Agriculture of Ajara, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Ajara; representatives from the Swiss Cooperation Office, the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara and regional NFA attended the event.